At Certus Living, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care and comprehensive services to senior communities across the nation. Our team brings extensive expertise in senior living management, ensuring quality care for thousands of residents at all levels. Our dedicated approach to professional oversight and strategic operations guarantees success and satisfaction for both residents and communities.


The Certus Living team has experience throughout 37 states nationwide. This experience has afforded our team the opportunity to serve thousands of senior residents across all levels of care, as well as provide the oversight of care professionals needed to serve communities successfully.

Certus Living Priorities

  • Dedication: Support continued high-quality care and services for residents at our communities.
  • Sustained Profitability: Ensure decades of service to residents and the market.
  • Relentless Approach: Strong, stable occupancy through proactive sales and marketing efforts.
  • Philosophy: “Own” the operation and collaborate with leadership to achieve shared strategic goals.
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    Corporate Services

    • Team Access: Full access to the entire Certus Living team.
    • Comprehensive Transition Plan: Leads the identification of operational priorities and strategic partnerships.
    • Commitment to Leadership: Regular meetings with Community leadership and Board, both onsite and virtually.
    • Group Purchasing: Access to group purchasing organizations for optimal pricing and cost savings.

    Clinical Expertise & Capabilities

    • Professional Experience: The clinical team has well over 30+ years in long-term care with real world experience as nursing assistants, HHAs, TMAs, Registered Nurses, DON leadership, and Nursing Home Administration.
    • Risk Mitigation Systems: PROHIBIT and rapid response protocols.
    • Quality Conference: Daily morning meetings for clinical integrity and problem identification.
    • QAPI Program: Focused on monthly KPIs and performance improvement plans.
    • Niche Care Programs: Successful implementation of specialized programs like Respiratory Program (vents), Transitional Care Units, AL Units, ACO specific diagnosis units (stroke, COPD, Heart), Dialysis programming, Wound Care, All Female Alzheimer’s Unit, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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    Finance-Related Services

    • Extensive Finance Experience: Expertise in Medicare, Medicaid, and bond compliance reporting.
    • Budgeting: Collaborative process with community operational team, approved by the Board 30 days prior to execution.
    • Audit Coordination: Ensures CPA firm involvement and timing expectations.
    • Year-End Tax Reporting: Manages all employee and vendor tax payment reporting requirements.
    • Revenue Cycle Management: Support for community-based resident and 3rd party billing processes.
    • Compliance Reporting:
      • Dept of Public Health – Life Plan Community Compliance Reporting.
      • Finance Authority – Master Trust Indenture compliance; monitor bond covenants.
      • Cost Reporting – Timely filing and documentation for efficient audit and rate-setting.
    • Entrance Fee Oversight: Promotes long-term stability through amortization projections.

    Sales & Marketing

  • Strategic Planning: Quarterly marketing and business planning.
  • Event Planning: Regular event planning and execution.
  • 24/7 Admissions: Direct admit philosophy.
  • Clinical Skills Development: Build guide for niche programs and positive outcomes.
  • Sales Training: Annual impact sales training and team development.
  • Role Development: Admissions, sales/marketing, case management, and nurse liaison roles.
  • Managed Care Relationships: Contracting and relationship management.
  • Campaigns and Incentives: Move-in campaigns and referral incentives.
  • Lead Management: CRM daily expectations.
  • Digital Strategy: High-level expertise in social media and digital marketing.
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