Certus Living Case Study: Pennsylvania CCRC


Certus Living has been instrumental in managing and transforming senior living communities across the country. This case study focuses on our successful management of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Shillington, Pennsylvania, known as the Heritage of Green Hills. Our involvement began in 2018 when we started representing the owner, and in 2022, we were selected to manage the 267-unit entrance fee community. This case study outlines the various initiatives and outcomes resulting from our comprehensive management efforts.

About Heritage of Green Hills

The Heritage of Green Hills is a premier independent senior living community located in Shillington, Pennsylvania. The community includes a newly built 70-unit personal care tower, offering a range of services to meet the evolving needs of its residents.

Certus Living’s Interventions

      1. Operational Stabilization: We focused on stabilizing operations, including bringing online the newly built 70-unit personal care tower. This ensured a seamless integration of the new facility into the community’s existing operations.

      1. Sales & Marketing Leadership: Certus Living led the sales and marketing efforts, which were crucial in attracting new residents and maintaining high occupancy rates.

      1. Financial Management: We provided support and leadership in financial management, ensuring the community’s financial health and sustainability.

      1. Rebranding Initiatives: We spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding effort which included developing a new website, creating photo and video collateral, collecting testimonials, and conducting interviews. These efforts helped in refreshing the community’s image and enhancing its appeal.

      1. Entrance Fee Amortization Tracking Tool: To balance refunds due with incentives and sales efforts, we created and integrated an entrance fee amortization tracking tool. This tool has been essential in managing financial obligations and maintaining fiscal responsibility.

      1. Contract Adjustments: Certus Living led the initiative to lower ROC (Return of Capital) contracts from ROC 100 to ROC 90 and then to ROC 75. This strategy was aimed at rebuilding equity back into the property.

      1. Accounting Transition: We transitioned the community’s accounting system from Matrix to Point Click Care, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of financial operations.

      1. Occupancy Rates: Independent Living (IL) occupancy has consistently been ahead of budget, reflecting the success of our management and marketing strategies.

      1. Personal Care (PC) Tower Staffing: The PC tower went from brand new fill to full occupancy in approximately 18 months.  Ongoing efforts continue to enhance existing programs in order to ensure unique offerings and high-quality care for residents.

    Health Center Development

    Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Certus Living led the development of a new 70-bed assisted living and memory care building. This project was completed on-time and under budget, despite the inflationary pressures on the supply chain and the construction industry.

        • Onsite Management: Certus Living was onsite multiple times every month throughout the 17-month construction process. This hands-on approach ensured no detail was overlooked and maintained the project’s timeline and budget.

        • Marketing Collateral: Throughout the construction, we created a multitude of marketing materials to promote the new facility. This proactive approach led to significant pre-sales and a strong market presence before the facility’s opening.


      The strategic efforts by Certus Living have led to notable outcomes for the Heritage of Green Hills:

          • Operational Efficiency: The community’s operations have been stabilized, and the integration of the new personal care tower has been successful.

          • Successful Health Center Development: The new construction award-winning 70-bed assisted living and memory care building was delivered on time and under budget, enhancing the community’s service offerings.

          • Financial Health: Our financial management strategies have ensured fiscal sustainability and resulted in the community’s securing, for the first-time, long-term financing of the property. 

          • Increased Occupancy: Independent Living occupancy rates are ahead of budget, demonstrating the effectiveness of our marketing and sales efforts. New personal care and memory care tower went from grand opening to full occupancy in 18 months. 


        The successful management and development efforts at the Heritage of Green Hills underscore Certus Living’s expertise in revitalizing senior living communities. Our comprehensive approach, encompassing operational stabilization, financial management, rebranding, and strategic development, has led to significant improvements in occupancy rates, financial health, and overall community satisfaction.

        Prospective clients and partners can look to this case study as evidence of Certus Living’s capability to deliver exceptional results, even in the face of significant challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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