Certus Living Case Study: Chicago-Area Management Presence


Certus Living has established a notable presence in the Chicago-land market through its management of senior living communities. This case study highlights our successful management and transformation of the Reserve of Geneva, a 55+ active independent living community located in Geneva, Illinois. This community operates as a non-profit entity, and our strategic interventions have led to significant improvements in its performance and resident satisfaction.

About Reserve of Geneva

The Reserve of Geneva now offers a vibrant lifestyle for active adults aged 55 and above. Our involvement began when the community was under 40% occupied, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity to create something special.  A complete revamp of operations and physical plant to truly set The Reserve apart from its peers.

Certus Living’s Interventions

  1. Renovation of Vacant Units and Common Areas: Certus arrived onsite and quickly learned the competitive market, enabling us to structure a design program that would be well received in the market while also earning a return on investment.  These renovations were value engineered in spirit, including renovating all vacant units (and future UTOs), common area improvement(s), exterior repairs such as retaining walls, asphalt, roof and new amenities such as fitness room and billiards hall.   
  2. New Culinary Experience: We built the culinary offerings, introducing a new dining experience that caters to the tastes and nutritional needs of residents. This enhancement has been pivotal in improving resident satisfaction and market perception. 
  3. Operations Team Onsite: Certus Living deployed and grew a dedicated operations team to be onsite, ensuring that day-to-day activities are managed efficiently and that resident needs are promptly addressed. This presence has improved overall operational efficiency and service quality.
  4. New Branding and Collateral: We rebranded the community, creating a fresh, inviting image that resonates with potential residents and their families. This included the development of a new website and marketing collateral that effectively communicates the unique benefits of living at the Reserve of Geneva.
  5. Programming and Events: To foster a sense of community and engagement, we introduced a robust schedule of programs and events. These activities are designed to promote social interaction, physical activity, and mental stimulation; enhancing the quality of life for our residents.


The strategic efforts by Certus Living have yielded impressive results for the Reserve of Geneva:

  • Increased Occupancy: The community’s occupancy has surpassed budgeted projections, a testament to the effectiveness of our marketing and operational strategies.
  • Operational/Financial Success: Implementation of operational system enhancements/improvements, and financial protocols as developed by Certus led to a significant improvement in income, overall expense reduction and net operating income growth. 
  • Organic Search Leads: Organic search results have become the leading driver of lead generation and move -ins, indicating a strong online presence and effective digital marketing.
  • Stable Staff Turnover: Staff turnover rates have stabilized, reflecting improved employee satisfaction and retention, which in turn enhances the consistency and quality of resident care.
  • Planned Expansion: Due to the success experienced, an expansion is now possible, showcasing the community’s growth potential and the demand for this special offering.


The transformation of the Reserve of Geneva under Certus Living’s management exemplifies our ability to revitalize senior living communities through strategic planning and execution. Our comprehensive approach has led to significant improvements in occupancy rates, staff retention, and overall community satisfaction.

The success at the Reserve of Geneva not only highlights our passion but also reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional living experiences for seniors. Prospective clients and partners can look to this case study as evidence of Certus Living’s capability to drive positive outcomes in senior living community management.

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